Thank You For Your Support

The Encino Neighborhood Council Planning & Land Use Committee (PLU) unanimously endorsed our Master Plan five to zero; a feat we could not have accomplished without you!

I presented to the PLU on Tuesday, March 14. I spoke to the project’s merits, outlined the work to be included in each phase, and showcased site renderings. You can view my presentation about our plans to modernize our campus at

The Committee was very receptive and asked a number of thoughtful questions. Great emphasis was placed on the need to maintain Encino’s sense of community. The Committee praised Crespi as a valuable resource serving our neighborhood, and commended us for diligently communicating with you, our Crespi family.

We were moved by your emphatic and heartfelt support. A Crespi father remarked that we follow through on our word, and that he believes the timing for our project is brilliant. A Crespi mother shared her son’s story of personal growth, achievement, and stewardship as a result of our holistic model of education. Our neighbors commended our commitment to incorporating community feedback into the Master Plan.

Don McGee, a Celt from our first graduating class, present-day Crespi employee, and long-time Encino resident, celebrated Crespi’s greatness, recalling memories of Encino before Crespi was even built. He attested to the many contributions Crespi has made to the community since its inception.

This past Wednesday, I gave a second presentation to the Encino Neighborhood Council General Board. Board member Gerald Silver lauded the Master Plan, reiterating that our project addresses an urgent need to maintain community-serving services. We received unanimous support eighteen to zero for our Master Plan. We could not have secured their endorsement without your continued engagement and activism!

Thank you. You are an integral part of our team. I’ve enjoyed the conversations we’ve shared, and look forward to future opportunities to connect. The road to obtaining City approval is a long one, and we will need your sustained support for future community hearings. You motivate us to keep working as hard and as passionately as we possibly can.


Dr. Kenneth Foersch



(Left) Dr. Foersch, the Crespi Outreach team, and neighbors gather in support of the Master Plan before the Encino Neighborhood Council meeting. (Right) Celebrating a second unanimous victory for our Crespi Family!




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