Here’s what happened at our last hearing & what’s next!

Whether you signed up as a supporter, sent a letter of support, or attended and spoke at the Hearing Officer Hearing, we would like to personally thank you! To those who voiced their support at the hearing, your thoughtful and genuine words resonated and truly exemplified what it means to be a Celt!

What Happened at Our Last Hearing

The purpose of this hearing was for the Hearing Officer to compile a report based on environmental analysis and public feedback to recommend whether the Citywide Planning Commission should approve or deny the Crespi Master Plan. There will be another hearing September 28th, the Los Angeles Citywide Planning Commission, where based on that recommendation the City Planning Commission will cast a vote for the Master Plan.

Why Your Participation is Key

As you may know, there is a small but vocal voice in the neighborhood that is attempting to speak on behalf of the Encino community in opposition to the Master Plan project. This makes your active participation even more important to let the City know that this project is supported by the Crespi and Encino community.

At the upcoming hearing, public comment will reopen and we are urging our supporters to come voice your support one more time. This is crucial as the City Planning Commission decides whether or not to grant approval for the Master Plan. Let us know if you are able to attend by RSVPing HERE.

Los Angeles City Planning Commission
Thursday, September 28, 2017
Morning Session (exact time TBA)
Van Nuys City Hall
14410 Sylvan St
Council Chambers, 2nd Floor

Keep it up Crespi family! We are almost there! Thank you for believing in a better campus for future generations of Celts.

If you have any questions or other comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (818) 275-5358 or


The Crespi Campus Outreach Team

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