Crespi’s Path to Modernization

For the last 57 years, Crespi Carmelite High School has educated some of the most high-achieving young men while flourishing as a safe learning haven for our Celts. These accomplishments were made possible by our fearless team of educators, resilient network of students and alumni, and resourceful campus.

While the human capital is nurtured from the inside, our buildings and facilities are a different story. They require years of financial and logistical planning, not to mention time for implementation, and, of course, a strong support system from our neighbors.

As part of our core values, we also strive to be a good neighbor, a commitment that requires transparency and communication. In the spirit of these values, this is the first of many posts where I will keep you engaged in the Crespi Campus Master Plan. This is a process by which we work with a team of technical experts, the Crespi family, and our neighbors to develop a plan to modernize the Crespi campus for generations to come.

First, the plan has one goal and one goal only – to maintain our standards as a premier academic institution for future generations of Celts. Our desire to modernize the existing facilities and add elements that will serve our student athletes and community does not come with a desire to increase the student body or expand our campus beyond our existing footprint.

The improvements proposed to take place were chosen based on focus groups held with our stakeholders, including administration and staff, teachers, students, and parents. The meetings served as a discussion conductor between our representatives, bringing light to the perceived needs and desires relative to the campus facilities and programs at Crespi Carmelite High School. Following these meetings, the administration and design team reviewed all responses and confirmed a blanket of priorities, with athletics taking center stage for nearly all parties involved.

Overall, the Crespi Modernization Plan includes the following improvements:

  •  A state-of-the-art aquatics facility for our student athletes and neighbors;
  • Updated campus frontages and landscaping improvements;
  • New laboratories supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education;
  • A remodeled gymnasium and locker room; and
  • A new multi-level parking structure.

You can also see more on our project website at

To minimize neighborhood impacts, these improvements will be implemented in five phases. Phase 1 focuses on the aquatics facility, campus frontage and landscaping improvements, and includes a new anti-glare lighting system with shields directed downward to prevent light spillage across property lines. The aquatics facility’s entrance will face Zelzah Avenue.

After we developed these plans with our Crespi community, you should also know that over the last few months we have been working hard developing our informational website, knocking on doors and meeting with our neighbors. We shared the news, received invaluable feedback and had a great time getting to know them better along the way. However, we are really just at the beginning of a process with the City for which in early 2017 we will file an application seeking approval of our plans.

This is where you come in. Throughout this path to modernization, Crespi will need the support of its neighbors and community. The process is long and requires our stakeholders to be informed and involved. Tell us what you like, what could make things better, and as we move forward we’ll ensure it is a plan of which we can all be proud. We will continue providing information as it comes along, and inviting you to meetings and events pertaining to the plan. Please join us in these happenings as they will provide a window into the future of our campus and the benefits our future students will reap from its upgrade.

Please stay informed on the project by subscribing for email updates and showing your support at Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. For any questions, please call (818) 275-5358 or email

Thank you for your support and participation during these exciting times for our campus!


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