Crespi Takes a Fresh Approach on Plans to Modernize Campus

This past December, Crespi Carmelite High School officially filed its Master Plan with the City of Los Angeles, kicking off the process to obtain a new conditional use permit.  Gaining approval for the Master Plan through this process is essential to maintain our standards as a premier academic institution in the years to come.

Crespi’s Master Plan has evolved over the last few months as our architects worked diligently to reconcile campus needs, community concerns, and structural feasibility of design concepts. Our team is proud to be developing a campus experience the entire neighborhood can be proud of.

The Master Plan will be implemented in phases to minimize impacts to our neighbors. A state-of-the-art aquatics facility, campus frontage enhancements, interim parking expansions, and new anti-glare lighting are slated for the first phase, while we work to raise funds for the remaining Master Plan components in later phases.

The second phase includes a mixed-use parking structure, with two levels of subterranean parking, ground floor STEM classrooms, an Innovation Lab, a Robotics Lab, and two additional levels of parking for students, teachers, and campus event-goers.

Crespi’s third phase is forward-looking, and includes the remodel and expansion of our Sports Center. The remodel will include new bleachers, lockers, a kitchen, viewing boxes, a rooftop turf field, and an office for the President of our campus. I’ll have retired by then, and likely won’t get to enjoy the new office, but I couldn’t be happier to have had the opportunity to plan for Crespi’s continued success long after I’m gone.

The original Master Plan involved five phases, but has been condensed into four phases. The fifth phase had included interim measures to make repairs and enhancements to existing facilities. To provide a more robust, concentrated renovation of campus facilities, these upgrades have been rolled into the fourth phase. This phase is estimated to commence at least fifteen to twenty years out, so our facilities will be ready for a refresh by the time funding is secured.

Thank you for being an important part of the conversation as we gathered feedback and input from our Crespi Family and community. We hope we can count on your support for the modernization of our campus for the next generation of Celts. You can show your support by signing up here.




Dr. Kenneth Foersch

                                                                                                                        Our vision for the modernization of Crespi’s campus

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